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Before choosing the direction of travel and making a reservation at the accommodation facility, each of us always wonders what interesting things you could see  in the town you chosed as the place of the rest.

In Karpacz we practically don't have the phenomenon of seasonality. It is simply attractive for tourists for all year. So you are wondering now what to visit? Our town is very beautiful and everyone will find something for themselves.

Ask us about attractions in Karpacz. You certainly won't regret choosing this place.

Hotel Sadyba Karpacz

The Dam on Łomnica

The Łomnica River in one of the wildest waters, which gave a sighn in 1897 because of the flood and a lot of damages. One of them was inundation the farms and roads that was closely located to the River. People mada a decistion to implement the flood program and build a Dam.



The Mountain peak called Śnieżka was conquered the first by the citzen of Bematek in 1465. Following the years and centuries, it confirmed that how unique is the Śnieżka, which was the most visited mountain peak in whole Europe.


Miedzianka Brewery is a place where you can see the full process of brewing beer. An additional advantage is the picturesque location, where in the restaurant located in the building you can enjoy the views while enjoying tasty meals. Who doesn't love to eat delicious beer ribs? Such flavors are not found every day! From our Sadyba Spa in Karpacz it is only 25km.


The Wang Church, also known as the Mountain of Our Savior, is an evangelical temple in Karpacz, near the Sadyba Spa Hotel, moved in 1842 from the town of Vang Norway. It was built of pine logs between the 12th and 13th centuries. It is considered to be one of the oldest wooden churches in Poland. We encourage all clients of the Sadyba Karpacz Hotel to visit the Wang Temple. It is located only 17 minutes on foot from Sadyba Spa.


Chojnik Castle is a necessary point to visit for every tourist on the trail from the Sadyba Hotel Spa in Karpacz. It is a fortress rising on the summit of the Karkonosze, near Jelenia Góra. It has a height of 627 meters above sea level and is known for its fortified structure dating back to the fourteenth century and the Piast dynasty. The name of the building from German means "mountain covered with Christmas trees", because at one time it belonged to German owners. Only 24 km from Hotel Sadyba Spa Karpacz!


The Szklarki Waterfall is located in the Karkonosze Mountains, just 25 km from Hotel Sadyba Karpacz. It has 13.3 meters, which makes it the second, after the Kamieńczyk Waterfall, the highest waterfall in the Polish Giant Mountains. It is located at 520 m. What else is worth knowing?


The miniature park is one of the most interesting tourist attractions, which is located on the premises of the former carpet factory in Kowary. The replicas have been faithfully reproduced with particular care for details and all details on a scale of 1:25, and few on a scale of 1:50. There are over 60 replicas in this park, mainly depicting churches, castles, palaces, monasteries and many more.

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