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The Dam on Łomnica

A short story about Dam on Łomnica

The Łomnica River in one of the wildest waters, which gave a sighn in 1897 because of the flood and a lot of damages. One of them was inundation the farms and roads that was closely located to the River. People mada a decistion to implement the flood program and build a dam.

The dam was built of granite blocks and its crown is about 105 meters long and has five overflows.The crown of the dam has been made available to visitors, and is part of the red tourist trail that leads towards Grabowiec. It's an ideal place for family walks, where together you can admire the artificial waterfall created by the dam and take a souvenir family photo.

The uniqueness of the Dame on Łomnica

The Dam on Łomnica is an ideal place to gather strength for further exploration. Tourists value this place because of the prevailing peace. From this place there is also a great view of the city panorama. An extremely charming and interesting place, worth paying attention to.

Attraction in the area of Dame on Łomnica:

How to get there?

The Dam on Łomnica is located near the main street of Karpacz - 3 Konstytucji 3 Maja street. Below is a map of how to get from our Sadyba Spa Hotel

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Zapora na Łomnicy

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